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Dairy Goats
Continental Toggenburgs

In 1991 the Indiana Dairy Goat Association requested an info sheet on it's members & the following was what we had to say at that time.

    The Schuetz Family began their goat career with the traditional "free dairy goat". Now, two barns, a pickup truck, a livestock trailer, and a few thousand dollars later we're the proud owners of around twenty quality milking Toggenburg does, three bucks, with plenty of promising kids. What began as a simple 4-H project for Kent has blossomed into a very time consuming and pleasurable hobby for the entire clan. The enjoyment comes from the animals and from all the wonderful people we have met sharing a common bond with the love of their goats.
    Our two older children have married and left hoe and are a little puzzled by our enthusiasm with these four legged friends.
    Kent, our red head, is a junior in high school. His favorite things are people, he loves being with them. I call him my "people person". He would like to someday become an ADGA judge.
    Jon is fourteen and loves sports. He plans to continue playing football at Washington High School. He's becoming quite an authority on baseball cards and has a large collection.
    Wayne runs an automotive radiator and air-conditioning shop. It's his 32nd year in the business of fixing what ails your car. He also owns Southwest Medical Services, Inc., the ambulance and wheel chair van service serving Daviess and surrounding counties. He's an Advanced EMT and assistant fire chief with Washington Twp. Volunteer Fire Department.
    Joan works as a bookkeeper for the ambulance service. In her spare time she enjoys counted cross stitch, needlepoint, and shopping.
    Wayne and Joan both grew up on the farm but got away from it several years ago. With the addition of the goats in 1988 farm life came quite natural.
    The Schuetzs, at Continental Dairy Goat Farms welcome all visitors in person or by phone to their "Togg City". Anytime you feel like goating, come by for someone to share a few stories with. It's better to call first to make sure we are at home since we attend several goat shows and meetings.

As stated we started with a free goat. As you can see she was not of exceptional quality but served as a learning tool.

Our first artificial breeding produced these 2 kids for us.

We progressed to having does we produced like these at national shows in Harrisburg, PA.

Does were never crowded in our spacious barn.

Kids are always excited to hit the feed trough.

Does were brought in 4 at a time for milking.

The North American International Exposition provided us an opportunity to educate and have fun.

Hard work & determination paid off with many rewards.

Our sign told visitors that they were at the right place.

Views of the barn.

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