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Continental Chanel No. 5
Continental Chanel No. 5 Continental Chanel No. 5
Continental Chanel No. 5 Continental Chanel No. 5
DOB: 4/05/13
Color: Black W/ Cross
                Sire's Sire's Sire: S.S. Sampson, Dark Brown, 32 7/8"

        Sire's Sire: S.S. Red Lightning, Red, 32" More Info

                Sire's Sire's Dam: S.S. Sara, Dark Brown, 31 1/2"

Sire: Circle C Obsession, Black, 31 3/4" More Info

                Sire's Dam's Sire: Circle C Little Motown, Black w/Cross, 35 1/8" More Info

        Sire's Dam: Coco Chanel of Circle C, Black, 33 1/4" More Info

                Sire's Dam's Dam: Circle C Keepsake, Dark Brown, 34 1/4"
Continental Chanel No. 5
                Dam's Sire's Sire: Windcrest Cherries Jubilee, Red, 32"

        Dam's Sire: MGF RJ, Dark Red, 32" More Info

                Dam's Sire's Dam: MGF Venus of Naxos 17, Brown, 32"

Dam: MGF Jean-Rouge 405, Dark Red, 32 3/4 More Info

                Dam's Dam's Sire: The Fireman, Dark Red, 32 1/2" More Info More Info

        Dam's Dam: MGF Venus Rene 65, Light Red *Roan, 32"

                Dam's Dam's Dam: LCR Philamena 70, Dark Brown, 32"
Info: Good golly Miss Molly here comes the Devil with the Blue Dress wearing her Chanel No. 5! She is one heck of a great little jennet. She tracks really well with a good square set to her legs. I especially like her wide, round rump. Chanel is out of our World Champion Jack, Circle C Obsession and a great jennet from Jerry McRoberts, MGF Jean Rouge. Rouge has been one of the favorite jennets at the Continental farm ever since she was added to the herd several years ago and I am sure that Chanel will be one of your favorites once you add her to your herd!

Chanel has been exposed to our black/dark brown spotted jack KZ Prime Secret Agent (Sage).
Show Results: 2014 NMDA National Show - Kansas Donkey Days - 6th Place
2015 NMDA The Great Celebration - Shelbyville, TN - 3rd Place 2 year old.
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