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Donkey Trailer
Donkey Trailer Donkey Trailer
Donkey Trailer Donkey Trailer
Donkey Trailer Donkey Trailer
DOB: 1990
Color: Grey
Height: 6'
Price: $$2500.00
Donkey Trailer
                Dam's Sire's Sire:

        Dam's Sire:

                Dam's Sire's Dam:

Dam: CornPro

                Dam's Dam's Sire:

        Dam's Dam:

                Dam's Dam's Dam:
Description: I had this trailer made for us when we showed dairy goats. I recently purchased a bigger trailer so now I offer this one to you. It does not have any holes rusted thru it and the floor does not have any rot. It has 4 vents at the front and there is a cover (see last picture) to keep rain from blowing back onto animals. There are 2 panels which can be out in in 3 different places and are quickly removed by removing 4 pins. There is also a center divider gate, hinged on left side and swings to curb side and latches with a spring loaded latch. It also can be removed in seconds. Trailer had been garage kept for about 1/2 of it's life. It was repainted 6 or 7 years ago and about 4 years ago the brakes were completely replaced (new backing plated, magnets, shoes etc.) and all the bushings in the springs and pivots assys were replaced. It has other modifications to make it a great trailer. It has a clear title and is ready to go.
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