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Donkette Korral Precious Moments
DOB: 7-15-13
Color: Brown/Gray-dun
Height: 30 1/2"
Price: $1800
                Sire's Sire's Sire: Donkette Koral Sheloy's CJ, Black, 29 3/4"

        Sire's Sire: Donkette Korral Bandit, Dark Brown & White Spotted, 30 1/2"

                Sire's Sire's Dam: Donkette Korral Velvetova, White*, 32 1/2"

Sire: Donkette Korral Fargo, Black & White Spotted, 28 3/4"

                Sire's Dam's Sire: EA Toby, Black W/Cross, 33 1/2"

        Sire's Dam: Lazy H Donkette Cleopatra Queen, Dark Brown *NLP, 33 1/2"

                Sire's Dam's Dam: D.K. Cleopatra, Gray-dun, 33"
Donkette Korral Precious Moments
                Dam's Sire's Sire: Kritter Korner's February, Brown & White Spotted, 31 1/2"

        Dam's Sire: Kritter Korner's D.K. Casper, White *FSW, 31 1/2"

                Dam's Sire's Dam: Kritter Korner's Jackie, Gray-dun, 30 1/2"

Dam: Lazy H Spice, gray-dun, 31 1/2"

                Dam's Dam's Sire: D.K. Texas Red, Gray-Dun, 32"

        Dam's Dam: D.K. Sadie, Gray-dun, 31 1/4"

                Dam's Dam's Dam: Spring Run Farm Lady Sarah, Gray-dun, 33"
Description: Photos will be added soon.

Although her registration papers have her as brown/gray-dun I would consider her a gray-dun; classic gray-dun. Very correct proportions to her build. Not too long, not too short. Not too much leg but yet enough to not make her look disproportionately short or tall. Strong feet and legs that track well. All around a well built little jennet.

She will be bred to our bold spot pattern jack, KZ Prime Secret Agent, Sage, this spring. As long as Sage does his part, this should give you one heck of a nice spotted foal.
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