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Feb. 2020. Fancy has been exposed to our 27 3/4" jack, H A Harley. if bred she will foal in the fall of 2020.
GP Tiny Fancy
GP Tiny Fancy
DOB: 6/4/09
Color: Gray-Dun
Height: 27 1/4"
                Sire's Sire's Sire: Heiken's Ark Top Gun, 29", Dark Brown

        Sire's Sire: Heiken's Ark Sterling, 29", Gray-Dun

                Sire's Sire's Dam: LN Shady Lady, 31", Gray-Dun

Sire: GJR Tiny Ticket, Brown/Gray-Dun, 26"

                Sire's Dam's Sire: GP Oscar, 26", Gray-Dun

        Sire's Dam: GP Hannah Lynn, 28", Gray-Dun

                Sire's Dam's Dam: Eckert's Mae Lynn, 29", Brown
GP Tiny Fancy
                Dam's Sire's Sire: Heiken's Ark Top Gun, 29", Dark Brown

        Dam's Sire: Heiken's Ark Dandy, 30", Dark Gray & White Spotted

                Dam's Sire's Dam: Rolling R Snow White, 30", Frosted Spotted White

Dam: Heiken's Ark May D, Dark Brown & White Spot, 28 1/2"

                Dam's Dam's Sire: NLC Koty, Dark Brown

        Dam's Dam: Kim's Krazy Kritter's Madeline, 31", Brown

                Dam's Dam's Dam: Kim's Krazy Kritter's Marsha, 31", Gray-Dun
Description: We wanted Fancy at the same sale that we bought Lit'l Red. But we didn't buy both. Now in 2019 we had another opportunity to get her. She is everything that I remember her to be. Size, stature, conformation. She is a welcome addition to the herd at Continental Donkeys.
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