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Rouge has decided that she is taking a year off. Maybe she is tired of producing foals.
MGF Jean-Rouge 405
MGF Jean-Rouge 405 MGF Jean-Rouge 405
MGF Jean-Rouge 405 MGF Jean-Rouge 405
DOB: 7/2/04
Color: Dark Red
Height: 32 3/4"
                Sire's Sire's Sire: Springlake Razmataz, Light Red, 30 1/2"

        Sire's Sire: Windcrest Cherries Jubilee, Red, 32"

                Sire's Sire's Dam: Windcrest Miss Scarlett, Dark Red, 31"

Sire: MGF RJ, Dark Red, 32" More Info

                Sire's Dam's Sire: LCR Valintino 50, Dark Red, 32" More Info

        Sire's Dam: MGF Venus of Naxos 17, Brown, 32"

                Sire's Dam's Dam: LCR Philamena 70, Dark Brown, 32"
MGF Jean-Rouge 405
                Dam's Sire's Sire: DMF Junior, Rose Dun, 33"

        Dam's Sire: The Fireman, Dark Red, 32 1/2" More Info

                Dam's Sire's Dam: Grumpy, Brown/Gray-Dun

Dam: MGF Venus Jean-Rene 624, Red, 32"

                Dam's Dam's Sire: LCR Valintino 50, Dark Red, 32" More Info

        Dam's Dam: MGF Venus Rene 65, Light Red *Roan, 32"

                Dam's Dam's Dam: Boone's Little Rosaland, Red/Gray-Dun, 32 1/2"
Description: Certainly a wonderful example of a miniature donkey.

She's from the MGF (McRoberts Game Farm) what more do we have to say!

Very stocky and symmetrical, this dark sorrel jennet is very gentle and friendly.
Info: Rouge is Wayne's favorite Jennet. "She is one of the most correct Jennets I've seen." Everything blends smoothly and she has substance to compliment her beautiful size and color. Great things are planned for her.
(Spring 2017) Rouge is now 12 y/o. will be 13 in July and she is still my favorite. We gave a lot of consideration to her breeding last year and bred her for a fall foaling date. We bred her to MGF T and T. I am excited.
Show Results: Jan2019. Rouge is still a wonderful red jennet who demands attention whenever I am around. She was exposed to our micro jack Harley and on December 27th she presented us with another jennet foal. Her name is Kendra, named after Kent as they both share the same birthday.
Foals: Continental Indiana Patches Name: Continental Indiana Patches
SoldTo: Lovely's Farm Market- Springboro, OH
Continental Jock's Blush Name: Continental Jock's Blush
Price: $SOLD
SoldTo: Headed to Kansas. Miller's Meadow
Continental Chanel No. 5 Name: Continental Chanel No. 5
SoldTo: Sold in the North East Select Miniature Donkey Sale
Continental Obsession's L'Oreal Name: Continental Obsession's L'Oreal
Price: $1500
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