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Windy P'Ass'tures L'il Charmer
Windy P'Ass'tures L'il Charmer Windy P'Ass'tures L'il Charmer
DOB: 5-7-2010
Color: Light Red / Rose Dun
Height: 33'
                Sire's Sire's Sire: 758's Rosebud, Sorrel, 32"

        Sire's Sire: Rufus of Hooves Etc., Light Chestnut, 32 1/2"

                Sire's Sire's Dam: Sublime of Hooves Etc., Light Gray-Dun, 33 3/4"

Sire: Hooves Etc Rascal, Light Gray-Dun, 29 1/2" More Info

                Sire's Dam's Sire: Lazy N Nehemiah, Brown, 32"

        Sire's Dam: Ene Cactus Flower, Gray-Dun, 30 1/4"

                Sire's Dam's Dam: Richburg's Camellia, Gray-Dun, 31 3/4"
Windy P'Ass'tures L'il Charmer
                Dam's Sire's Sire: S.S. Red Lightning, Red, 32" More Info

        Dam's Sire: Circle C Carbon 32 1/2", black/brown

                Dam's Sire's Dam: Ebony of Circle C 34 3/4", Black

Dam: Hooves Etc. Chloe, 32 1/2", black/brown

                Dam's Dam's Sire:

        Dam's Dam: Amber of Half Pint Hill, pale gray-dun

                Dam's Dam's Dam: Kaila of Half Pint Hill, 35 1/4", Gray-Dun
Info: Lil Charmer is the main reason that we ended up driving all the way to Sweetgrass, Montana to meet the Flundra's in the fall of 2016. We have looked at pictures of Charmer several times and have made offers to buy her but we could never get it to work out. We love our original Rascal daughter, Jewel, and we love the Arabian style head that Rascal puts on all of his offspring. We lovingly call it a "fat head" because it is wide yet short. If we were trying to be P/C we would call it a baby-doll head. Either way you say it, it is a signature stamp he puts on all of his foals.

Charmer, herself, can best be described as refined power. She is feminine yet still a very drafty powerful donkey.

Jan,2019. Charmer was exposed to Harley in June 2018. Really anxious to see what her foal is kike in June 2019.
She was available for 2500 before carrying a foal nut with her only 3 months away the price now is 3000.
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