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Our Jennets
MGF Jean-Rouge 405 MGF Jean-Rouge 405
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Rouge is bred to Ferrari, our #1 spotted jack for a foal in the early Summer of 2021

GP Tiny Fancy GP Tiny Fancy
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Fancy is bred to our 27 1/4 Jack, Harley, for a Summer 2021 foal. Can't hardly wait for this one.

Sunset Acres Little Red Marker Sunset Acres Little Red Marker
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MGF Venus Proud Morgan MGF Venus Proud Morgan
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Heiken's Ark Aspen LB Heiken's Ark Aspen LB
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Aspen is pasture bred to our HA Haley (Harley) Due in the Fall of 2021

Continental Amazing Grace Continental Amazing Grace
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Grace is bred to All the Rage for an April 2021 foal. Hoping for another

Heiken's Ark Lalita Dyn Heiken's Ark Lalita Dyn
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Lalita is being pasture bred to HA Haley (Harley). Due Fall 2021

Heiken's Ark Abagail Heiken's Ark Abagail
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As it turns out Abagail is not going to have a foal in 2021. She will get bred in the Spring of 2021 to Ferrari.

N&D Lonestar Miss Muffin N&D Lonestar Miss Muffin
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Miss Muffin has exposed to Ferrari for a late Fall foal in 2021.

Continental Texas Black Gold Continental Texas Black Gold
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This is my biggest disappointment. Had her ultrasounded in the Fall 2020and she is open. So she is back in for pasture breeding. I will take her back for another US in the Spring.

Cabinwood's Mary Jane at Sunrise Cabinwood's Mary Jane at Sunrise
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Mary Jane is bred to Harley and is due to foal in April 2021. Another micro on the way.

Continental H/A Shantelly Lace Continental H/A Shantelly Lace
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Lace is exposed to Ferrari for a Fall 2021 foal

Continental Venus Macie Continental Venus Macie
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Continental Gigi Continental Gigi
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S and B Minis Lollipop AKA Popsicle S and B Minis Lollipop AKA Popsicle
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Continental Leap Year Louisa Continental Leap Year Louisa
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Continental Grace September Continental Grace September
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Continental Jewel's Judith Continental Jewel's Judith
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